The Chasms are a three piece band:
Richard Quirk - Baritone Guitar
Mike Seed - Drums / Vocals
Simon Pott - Bass Guitar

All the tracks are recorded in a barn on the Isle of Man.

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Our music is the antidote for a glorious summer day - mostly instrumental with snippets of spoken word. Our songs are enveloping, loud, literate, fun and beautifully unhinged.

If you're looking for a band that sounds massive and thrilling, we are your guys.
Ready to make your birthday, bachelor party or wedding reception the party of the year?Book The Chasms for your event.There's nothing like a live band to liven things up

  • vs Pete Jackson

    EP - January 2012
    CTD-009 (Command to Destroy)


    • 01. The Bowling Alley
    • 02. Honour Thy Error As A Hidden Intention
    • 03. Sentry Boxes
    • 04. Dead Man Speaks In Walton Le Dale

    These tracks were specially recorded in session for Pete Jackson's Dandelion Radio show. The session was originally broadcast in December 2011.

    And as an added bonus here's a cracking live remix for you by King of the Rowser!

  • Alchemical Postcards

    Album - August 2011
    CTD-008 (Command to Destroy)


    • 01. The Occult Soul Review
    • 02. Thomas Merton 240 Volts
    • 03. The Midnight Boat
    • 04. Ghosts to Starboard
    • 05. A Copse of Trees
    • 06. Circus Beach Incident

    The CD is sold out... Sorry.

    Listen A Copse of Trees Now

  • Index of Spirits

    Album - October 2010
    CTD-005 (Command to Destroy)


    • 01. Blue Sun, Golden Sky
    • 02. Michael Whiteout
    • 03. Xeroxed Mirror
    • 04. Purpose, Source, Destination
    • 05. Shadows In The Water
    • 06. I Dreamt I Melted Marble Halls
    • 07. The Voice of Wormwood
    • 08. Electrostatic
    • 09. The Wind Under The Door

    The CD is sold out... Sorry.

  • Vs Dandelion Radio

    EP - October 2009
    CTD-002 (Command to Destroy)


    • 01. Xeroxed Mirror
    • 02. Lonesome Mercury
    • 03. Hollis
    • 04. I'd Splice My Mind For Half a Chance
    • 05. Electrostatic

    The CD is sold out... Sorry.

    These tracks were specially recorded in session for Pete Jackson's Dandelion Radio show. The session was originally broadcast in September 2009.

  • Advance Paranoia, Advance

    Album - May 2009
    CTD-001 (Command to Destroy)

    • 01. I'm Here To See The Clouds of Blood
    • 02. Cosmos Collapsing
    • 03. Knoxville Blackout
    • 04. Come In Sunray Major
    • 05. Raymond's Index of Spirits
    • 06. Advance Paranoia, Advance
    • 07. I Couldn't Walk

    The CD is sold out... Sorry.


We have no idea who we are. A Manxie/Canadian and two Lancastrians with a love of anything that produces feedback that exist on a rock stuck in the middle of the Irish Sea trying to make sense of it all.



The Path to The Chasms...

I was asked recently what were our influences and came up with the easy choices (The Fall, VU, Sonic Youth, FSA, MBV, etc) but I said I might have been...



On Tour?

Do two dates count as a tour? Anyway, these are more than very likely going to be the only dates we play this year...



January 18th... Blackout...

UbuWeb will blackout on Weds, January 18th for 24 hours to Protest SOPA & PIPA. If SOPA passes, you can kiss UbuWeb goodbye...



Cool Serbia....

I think this band are going to be doing pretty well in 2012 if this first track is anything to go by...



2011, What We Got Up To...

So I was was thinking what we'd collectively done this year and got the impression we'd had a quiet year on releases, but as it turns out...



A Copse of Trees...

The dreamt landscape of The Ayres provokes a little fear Such as that felt by dogs for their masters...


Do you want to aks us a question? Feel free to write us at contact@thechasms.co.uk.