January 18th... Blackout...


"UbuWeb will blackout on Weds, January 18th for 24 hours to Protest SOPA & PIPA. If SOPA passes, you can kiss UbuWeb goodbye.
Remember, the web won't be this way forever. Don’t bookmark. Download. Download. Download. Everything on Ubu is downloadable. Hard drives are cheap. Grab what you need. Don’t trust the cloud. Stop SOPA."

Ok - Ubuweb is the best resource of avant material anywhere, and probably of any time. At the moment I'm wandering around listening to a combination of Trevor Wishart, Scratch Orchestra, Bill Burroughs, Brion Gysin and Cornelius Cardew. And there are acres of other wonderful things, all legally downloadable, all for you to take away.

Mr Goldsmith is correct. It is a world of glorious head spinning material.
Go and get it while you can!

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