On Tour?

Do two dates count as a tour? Anyway, these are more than very likely going to be the only dates we play this year.

We're playing on Saturday 5th of May at The Windmill in Brixton as part of the wonderful Oddbox Weekender. For ticket information for this event please go here. Please also note that tickets are already moving pretty quickly, so best hurry up.

And as for us playing at The Cube Cinema in Bristol on the 4th of May, we will have some very exciting news soon regarding the line-up. Also once we know the times and how much it is to get in then I'll let you know right here first.

We hope to see you in London or Bristol, or both. Come and say hi.

Visit - Oddbox Records
Visit - The Windmill, Brixton
Visit - The Cube Cinema
Visit - Evil Swinton

[Many thanks to Graeme Swinton for the ace artwork on our records and posters.]